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Since 2006 All AroundU has been providing high-quality, in-home wellness , to couples, parents, kids and families across Manhattan. From partners exploring pregnancy to the grandparents of teenagers, a strong family helps build a solid foundation for a healthy life; and working together we will help you build yours.
All AroundU continues to grow and evolve, with the ever changing world of health and wellness, but we will always maintain our commitment to providing you and your family high quality, personalized wellness services.

Providing your family with complete health and wellness care, from bump through baby and beyond, All AroundU offers yoga, massage therapy, health and nutrition counseling, breastfeeding education, lactation counseling, and postnatal doula care, in the convenience and comfort of your own home.

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Our Mission____________________________________________

Providing high-quality family wellness, focused all around you, we are dedicated to guiding and inspiring you and your family to integrate health and wellness into your life.


Our Core Values________________________________________

  • We believe in you and are fully committed to your success in every aspect of life
  • We believe health and wellness are personal in nature; possessing an individual significance for each of us.
  • We aspire to make your health and wellness goals reality, helping you increase awareness and incorporate new healthy habits into your life.
  • We strive to create an atmosphere which is approachable, responsive and rewarding for your family and ours.   
  • We consider teamwork essential to success; and aspire to maintain a healthy and dynamic environment.  
  • We are committed to a positive participation in, and contribution to, our community.



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