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Learn practical skills and comprehensive information to get breastfeeding off to the best start, in the convenience of your own home. Taught prior to birth, this workshop not only provides you with the ability to confidently breastfeed your baby, but also gives your partner the appropriate knowledge to support and assist with feedings, while offering the opportunity to address your questions and concerns.
Demonstrations, visual aids, games and handouts will teach both you and your partner the benefits of nursing, while allowing the chance to practice and discuss specific aspects of breastfeeding such as positioning, latch and pumping. By being taught in your own home, this class offers you the distinct advantage of demonstrations in your real life situation.  



We believe breastfeeding is a natural gift we are fortunate to be able to provide our children, yet it can also be another daunting aspect in the complexity of being a new parent. We also believe that with the proper preparation and by working with your partner, together as a team, breastfeeding can be a simple and rewarding aspect of parenting; while offering many short and long term benefits for you, your baby, and your whole family.

We are keenly aware that what a family most needs at this time is non-judgmental, evidence-based education, combined with kind and considerate support, to empower you to develop confidence in your skills as a parent. This can also be a particularly vulnerable time for new parents and families; and we are always respectful of your family’s values, traditions, and culture when working together to achieve your goals.


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Couples Breastfeeding Workshop
This 90 minute class is taught in the comfort and privacy of your own home, and includes a thorough overview of all aspects of breastfeeding while offering you and your significant other the opportunity to personally address any questions or concerns. This class is taught by a couple and is designed for couples, illustrating the importance of both your roles, and teamwork, in breastfeeding. Demonstrations, visual aids, games, and practice with baby-dolls makes this class interactive, interesting and engaging.

The workshop cost is $185, for a private couple’s class, in your home, and includes a complete breastfeeding booklet and handouts for you specific needs, for your future reference. Group rates are also available Contact Us to learn more.



Our Couples Breastfeeding Workshop is available seven days a week, between 10am and 9pm.  Your Workshop can be scheduledd via email at or by phone at 212-996-5930.

We offer additional prenatal and postnatal family services, including Lactation Counseling and Postnatal Doula Care ensuring your new family receives all the support and assistance you need.

Meet our Certified Lactaton Counselor

Sarah DeSantis


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