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Postnatal Doula care helps guide, nurture and support your family, easing the transition into your new parenting roles. As a postpartum Doula I provide personal assistance, information and encouragement following the birth of your new baby; and my goal is to make your journey into parenthood rewarding and gratifying, helping you develop confidence in your skills as a parent.
My possible tasks are varied and numerous, including assistance with breastfeeding questions, newborn care, sibling adjustment, meal preparation and basic household tasks. I run errands and engage older siblings, I demonstrate techniques for newborn care and feedings, helping you interpret your baby’s cues and trust your instincts in responding to their needs. I maintain a list of reliable family resources, ranging from specialty doctors to new mommy groups. When helpful I provide handouts and notes on a variety of valuable topics, specific to your postnatal plan, such as information on cord care, bathing, and feedings. However I can best support you as parents and nurture your new family is always my primary task and focus.



I believe having children is one of the most rewarding experiences for a couple; while at the same time potentially overwhelming as you embark into the unfamiliar territory of parenthood. Following birth, I understand that a new family most needs personal support, nurturing and kindhearted reassurance; and as this varies in many ways, my work focuses on the individual needs of your family.  I understand each family is unique and that you are going through your own experiences. I consider all aspects of your family circumstances to ensure I deliver the highest level of personal care.

As a Postnatal Doula I do not enforce my own parenting style but instead I learn from each family I work with, embracing and reflecting this experience, while encouraging you to find what works best as you develop your own philosophies as a family. Empowering you with knowledge and confidence in your own parenting skills and styles is a main priority of my work.  This can be a particularly vulnerable time for new parents and I am always respectful of your family’s values, traditions, and culture. Every parent, baby and sibling deserves loving support and assistance, in a non-judgmental, kind, and caring manner.    


Services and Rates______________________________________


Initial phone call and interview:
This call offers the opportunity to learn more about postnatal doula care and see what it would be like to work together. Typically lasting about 15 minutes the initial call gives us a chance to discuss your expectations and options, as we begin to establish a relationship. Ideally taking place prior to your birth. Free of charge.


Initial consultation:
Taking place prior to your due date, for this session I come to your home, to meet your family, and develop a postnatal plan specific to your needs, requirements and concerns. We discuss your unique situation in depth, covering all aspects of what to expect when you come home with your new baby, such as feedings, bathing and cord care. In addition, I offer an array of handouts and notes to help the whole family prepare for when the little one comes home.

This session also provides the opportunity to secure a schedule of my availability for your expected postnatal period, based on when you feel you will need my assistance the most. In addition I will be available via phone and email to answer any questions that may arise between the initial consultation and your birth, ensuring you all have the tools you need for the first few days of parenthood.

Sometimes births happen early or unexpectedly, in any case, an initial consultation can also take place if you have already given birth to establish a postnatal plan for you and your family.

The fee for the Initial Consultation is $85. It usually lasts about 1 hour, but I stay as long as needed to ensure that all of your questions are thoroughly answered.


Postnatal Doula Care:
Personal guidance, support, and assistance for the whole family. As your Postnatal Doula my possible tasks are varied and numerous, from guidance with all aspects of newborn care to running errands and engaging older siblings. However I can best support you as parents, and nurture your family, is always my primary task and focus.

In addition to providing you with needed information and guided reassurance, Postnatal Doula Care is specifically catered to your unique situation, including the details of your pregnancy, such as twins or multiples, as well as delivery specifics, such as hospitals or home-births, and premature or caesareans, to ensure your needs are met and you receive the highest levels of personal care.

 I charge an hourly rate of $62.50, with a 2 hour daily minimum. I also offer the option of purchasing a package of 10 hours, up front, at a 10% discount.



Postnatal Doula care is provided seven days a week, 10am-5pm, with a daily 3 hour minimum. We suggest calling us during your 3rd trimester to establish a relationship with your postnatal Doula, and ensure her availability for when your little one comes home. Appointments can be scheduled via email at, or by phone at, 212-996-5930.

As a Certified Lactation Counselor, and a Licensed Massage Therapist I offer additional prenatal and postnatal family services; including, a couples breastfeeding workshop, taught prior to birth, and personal breastfeeding help, support and education following birth, as well as many other services for the whole family.

Meet our Postnatal Doula

Sarah DeSantis


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