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nutrition and health counseling

Eating well is integral to our health and well-being, yet choosing the best foods and eating habits is often a challenge. Nutrition and Health Counseling guides and motivates you to eat healthy for life, providing personalized information together with practical strategies. I specialize in working with couples, parents, kids and families to achieve your goals in areas such as weight management, food cravings, sleep and energy, inspiring you to feel your best at all times.

Working together I can help you and your family:
  • improve your eating habits
  • increase your energy
  • manage your stress and mood
  • achieve your ideal weight
  • discover new health foods and superfoods
  • address health concerns
  • maximize fitness performance
  • expand your healthy food options
  • hone your cooking and kitchen skills

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Each of us has a unique relationship with food and eating, and the effects of diet and lifestyle on health and well-being are equally unique.  Rather than focusing on calories and nutrients, restrictions, and lists of good or bad foods, I take a broader perspective, drawing on a variety of concepts to develop your awareness of the relationship between food and lifestyle choices and health and well-being

My goal is to provide both information on healthy eating and to show you how to apply it to your everyday life. I work with clients to choose, combine and prepare an array healthy, delicious foods. We delve into the many ingredients of food, exploring why they matter, those to look for and those to stay away from. Working together we will discover the strategies for healthy living that work best for you, and implement them as part of your lifestyle.


Nutrition and Healthy Eating Services and Rates_____________

The are many options for working together, from one session to get you on your way, to long term guidance and support, and anything in between. Whether you you’re looking for sessions for yourself, solutions for the whole family, or for something totally unique, together we will develop a personalized strategy, all around you. All services are offered in the convenience and comfort of your own home, and counseling sessions are also available over the phone or via skype.

All options include an initial consultation via phone or email to clairify what you want to achieve while working togeher, as well as continued phone and email support. My rate is $62.50 per hour. I also offer the option of purchasing a package of ten hours at a 10% discount.

Healthy Eating Session
Your custom designed 60 minute session, built around your goals for nutrition and eating well. Sessions can cover any variety of topics, and include handouts for future reference, ensuring you receive both the knowledge and the tools to apply it to your everyday life.

Personal Chef
Making time to cook your own meals can be difficult. Let me do it for you. Together we'll create a menu of referigerator and freezer friendly options your whole family will love. I come, I cook, I clean, and leave a referigerator full of fresh, delicious food, complete with directions for reheating and the recipes. Cost of food additional.

Cooking Class
Your personal cooking class is custom designed to create a simple meal your whole family will love, while teaching you basic skills to help integrate fresh, home cooked meals into your life. Your class takes place in your own kitchen, and includes the menus and recipes. Food costs additional.

Kitchen Sweep
You can tell a lot about a person’s food choices and eating habits from their kitchen. What’s yours got to say? Are you stocked with the best options for you? We will Investigate the contents of your kitchen, introduce new healthy food options, findinding ways to stock your kitchen to create healthy, delicious meals.

Local Food Store Tour
Exploring the bounty of healthy foods available at your local food store or greenmarket is an ideal starting point for making healthier food choices and developing better eating habits. This 60 minute tour will introduce all the healthy choices and smart, delicious options for you and your whole family. 

Personalized Menus, Shopping Lists, and Recipes
Want someone to do your food thinking for you? Well we’ll certainly do our best. Providing all the tools to make eating healthy simple and delicious for you and your family, we create customized menus, shopping lists, and recipes for 3 meals per day, as well as snacks, and new food suggestions, ensuring you stay on track.



Health and Nutrition Counseling is available seven days a week between 10am-9pm. Please contact us today to Schedule your appointment . We suggest calling a few days in advance to ensure desired availability. Appointments may be scheduled via email at or by phone at, 212-996-5930.

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